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Top 15 Reasons Why Being Single Can Be Better than Being Married

September 21, 2011

15. Flexibility – I can be whatever person I want!

14. Shaving – Only YOU decide when to shave (true for both sides…)

13. Sharing – I’m sorry but this whole box of Twinkies is mine…

12. TV – If I want to watch “Friends” for 10 hours straight, I can! Woohoo!

11. Career – Now that I’m in the real world I can focus on my job!

10. Saving Money – Average cost of Valentine’s Day when married? $161. Also, the average parent spends $200,000 on food per kid from birth to 18.

9. Staying Thin – Married people weigh on average 7.5lbs more than singles. Gotta look good to impress that special someone right?!

8. Coffee– There are a million valid reasons why singles need their Starbucks. Or so we tell ourselves…

7. Freedom –  Road trip? Sure. Game? Sounds good. Mission Trip? Let me pack!

6. Space – What’s mine is mine and I can keep it however I want!

5. Time – Want to learn how to juggle, play guitar, or write a book? I got the time!

4. Hot Water– Let’s be honest, few things are worse than all the hot water being used up. Not for me!

3. Friends – Singles have more Facebook friends and hang out more than marrieds.

2. Memory Loss– You shall not suffer for forgetting special dates.

1. Gas…- You can poot whenever you want…

Justin Mullins

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